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For my second portfolio project at Flatiron school, I built a simple content management system in an effort to solidify my understanding of the MVC (model, view, controller) architecture and the associations between the models provided by ActiveRecord.

Luck would have it that my whole household was dealing with the novel coronavirus precisely during the time I had been allotted to complete my second portfolio project, so I decided to scale back on my original lofty plan of building a full fledged course management app and instead focused on building what is referred to as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)…

In this post, I would like to discuss one use case, out of several use cases, for Ruby’s metaprogramming that I found very helpful while working on building a command line interface application (CLI) with external data for my first portfolio project at Flatiron school. I am referring to the use of mass assignment for the Initialize method. One of the requirements of my project was that my CLI should make only one call to an external source, in my case I used the National Park Service API that returned a large data set in the format of an array…

I wanted to become literate in the language that is driving the future, code.

Some years back I took a series of classes in C++ programming in Pleasant Hill, California and obtained a Certificate of Achievement on Advanced C++ programming and Computer Architecture. This laid the groundwork and really peaked my interest and imagination on what was possible when code and ingenuity are combined. Consequently I was working in the public affairs department of a non-profit which exposed me to the inner workings of their online publishing platform WP and had me working with their content management system. In other…

Walter Aab

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